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Joyce & Colin | Kyoto Elopement by your Japan Photographer

On the 20th of October 2023, your Japan elopement photographer, captured Joyce and Colin as they exchanged vows, amidst the stunning landscapes of Japan. Thus, marking the culmination of a remarkable journey that began on the digital realm of Tinder. Their love story, woven through the threads of Melbourne and Singapore, eventually led them to a beautiful elopement in Japan. As a Japan elopement photographer, capturing their special day was not just a job but a privilege.

A Love Story Across Continents

In March 2016, Joyce and Colin’s paths crossed on Tinder in the Kansai region of Japan. After conquering the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, Joyce and Colin, backpacking through Japan, took six months to transition their digital connection into a face-to-face meeting. The rendezvous finally happened in Melbourne, with Joyce swinging by after her graduation road trip.

First Impressions and the Start of Something Real

Joyce’s excitement upon meeting Colin was evident. His Aussie accent, matching his online persona, and his caring demeanor made a lasting impression. For Colin, seeing the person behind the voice was a revelation. Their connection deepened as they explored Melbourne’s food and coffee scene.

From Meeting to Forever: A Serious Commitment

The relationship turned serious when they realized the depth of their connection, nurtured over six months of virtual communication. Meeting in Melbourne was just the beginning; subsequent visits in 2016 and 2017 solidified their commitment. In 2018, Joyce made the move from Singapore to Melbourne, and it was evident this was no ordinary relationship.

Growing Love and Commitment

For Joyce, falling in love with Colin was a gradual process, fueled by their shared interests and endless conversations. Colin, on the other hand, realized Joyce was ‘the one’ when her absence left a void he yearned to fill. Their engagement, though subdued due to lockdown vibes, was a testament to their commitment, complete with a stunning sapphire ring from Japan.

Mutual Admiration and Respect

Joyce cherishes Colin’s dedication as a dentist, overcoming challenges with resilience. She admires his ability to connect with patients and children effortlessly. Colin, in turn, appreciates Joyce’s drive and enthusiasm in pursuing her goals, especially her love for all things Harry Potter.

The Key to Their Strong Bond: Communication

Their secret to a successful relationship is simple yet profound: choosing each other daily and effective communication. For Colin, communication is the cornerstone of their journey, a sentiment echoed by Joyce.

Strengths as a Couple: Independence and Shared Humor

House hunting during the pandemic tested their strength as a couple, proving their ability to navigate challenges together. Despite being independent, their shared sense of humor keeps their relationship vibrant. This quality is even captured in our lenses, as your Japan elopement photographer.

The Journey Continues: New Home, New Adventures

Having recently moved into their new home, Joyce and Colin look forward to the adventures that await them, including travel plans to Europe. Their future holds the promise of shared experiences and continued growth.

Marriage: The Next Step in Their Journey

For Joyce, marriage is the next logical step after building a life together. Legalities aside, their commitment has been unwavering. Colin sees it as the right time to focus on their next chapter.

Two Magics: A Symbol of Their Magical Bond

Amidst their café-hopping days, ordering ‘two magics’ became a symbol of their magical relationship. Engraved on their wedding bands, it’s a testament to the enchanting journey they’ve shared. In conclusion, Joyce and Colin’s love story, captured against the backdrop of Japan, is a testament to the strength of their connection. As a Japan elopement photographer, witnessing their journey was a privilege, and their wedding day will forever hold a special place in the lens of my memory.

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