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Is an Elopement Wedding right for You?

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Elopement Weddings

Weddings are a beautiful expression of love and marriage.  

Unfortunately, because of strict lockdown policies due to COVID-19, many couples are forced to postpone or cancel their weddings altogether.  For those who still want to celebrate their special day, despite the circumstances, destination weddings could be your answer. 

By eloping, you can enjoy quality time with a smaller guest list, significantly reduce your budget, and capture your special moment in some of the most iconic and beautiful places New Zealand has to offer.

Guest list simplified

Who you need to invite: 

  • an official celebrant,
  • 2 witnesses for the ceremony, and 
  • a photographer to capture the special moment.  

A common complaint from brides and grooms is they don’t have enough time to entertain all their guests. But with a small guest list, you can enjoy more quality time together and still create lasting memories. 

And if you feel your uninvited family and friends feel excluded, you can tell them in advance about your choice and situation. They’ll be more likely to understand and not take it personally. 

You can also share beautiful photos and videos of the destination wedding afterwards at a banquet. 

Queenstown Elopement Photographer


Couples can expect to fork out $35,000 for a traditional wedding. Most of this money goes towards the reception, venue, catering, and entertainment.  

But with an elopement wedding, you’ll pay a fraction of that price, anywhere from $3,000 for a low budget and up to $18,000 for luxury. At this great value, packages include hair & makeup, photography, and event coordination so you’ll save money and still look beautiful on your special day. 

Equally beautiful is New Zealand’s iconic and gorgeous scenery. When choosing your destination, your selection is endless. Our top picks are heli weddings up on Roy’s Peak, Mt Cook, Mt Bonpland in Glenorchy, and Mt Creighton and the Remarkables in Queenstown. 

Planning your Elopement Wedding

By making the best of the situation, we can turn life’s unexpected moments into some of the most beautiful and memorable experiences. 

At James Hirata Photography, we offer Elopement Packages starting from NZ$4000

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